Used Wrecker Truck Parts

Crawford Truck has an extensive selection of used wrecker truck parts for sale.  We know from our experience in the industry, when something breaks you don’t always have the money for new parts. So choose with confidence at Crawford Truck, used wrecker truck parts.  We only sell used wrecker truck parts that we feel are worth the money and time for you to install or our service staff.  Many times our used wrecker truck parts are off of a new wrecker, which elected to upgrade parts.  Parts in the situation are like new, used wrecker truck parts.

Used wrecker Truck parts are an economical way to maintain your vehicle.  Spending less money to repair it means more money in your pocket and less dead time for your wrecker.  As your company grows you can drift from used wrecker truck parts to new wrecker truck parts.  Luckily for you, Crawford Truck has you covered no matter how far along your company is in development.

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  1. admin says:

    Hi Joe,

    Cory from the parts department is sending you an email this morning to get you a quote.

    Any questions, please email

    Thank you,


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  2. Joe says:

    Have an 89 F350 diesel rollback with dual tanks inside the frame. I am looking for the fuel necks, mounts and hoses to fill from the side of the bed. Thanks

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