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Crawford Truck has an extensive inventory of Peterbilt, International, and Ford Tow Trucks for sale; in addition to many Sterling used tow trucks for sale. Current there are many custom rollback truck for sale. All vehicles sold by Crawford Truck are quality Jerrdan tow trucks which will stand the test of time in the grueling tow truck industry. Many wreckers in Massachusetts are actually sold to tow truck operators all along the East Coast. Just recently, Crawford Truck sold a used towing truck for sale to a client in South Carolina. The client flew up to Massachusetts and drove the tow trucks for sale back down to South Carolina. In some situations, Crawford Truck has been known to deliver rollback trucks for sale to Pennsylvania and Maryland.

One recent story includes a Marine veteran from Iraq. The marine lives in Nashville, he found the truck he wanted on He ended up putting a down payment on the truck via credit card, and flying up the next day. The Marine came up, paid the balance of the truck and drove down to Nashville. The recent the Marine invested the extra time was because of the price of the truck and the customer service that Crawford Truck offered.

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  1. Let me run some reports to see what I can afford..

    Be back shortly if you still have it.

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  2. admin says:

    We do have scrap trucks for sale. Buying is also option. Give us a call and we discuss 800.427.7404

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  3. Do you also sell scrap trucks? Or do you buy scrap ones as well?

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  4. admin says:

    We have 2. Please call 800.427.7404 and ask for adam.

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  5. Zack says:

    Do you have any 2012 Petes in stock?

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